International Festival Signs of the Night - Bangkok


18th International Festival Signs of the Night - Bangkok (6th Edition) - July 23-26, 2020


Sunday July 26th, 2020
2.30 pm

Thai Film Archive



The Visit

Kristi Tethong
Canada / 2019 / 0:04:20


An impressionistic haiku-like documentary illustrating a man's first visit to his father's occupied homeland Tibet, the second least free country on earth. Assembled with 16mm hand-processed film, personal road trip footage and film archives, The Visit is an artful exploration of intergenerational loss, longing and the stifled rage within the liminal spaces of exile.


Congruity Chant

Kunchanit Liengudom
Thailand / 2019 / 0:20:52


Living in ‘House No.2’ where young teenagers are gathered for a singing competition, Jane feels struggling in a rut while trying to figure out who she really is.


22:47 Linie 34

Michael Karrer
Switzerland / 2019 / 0:10:00


It's 10:47 pm on a bus somewhere in a city. A few teenagers are listening to music and talking loudly. The other passengers look languidly out the window or at their cell phones. A drunk man gets in and joins the teenagers; the mood starts to shift…



Sewing Box for My Daughter

Kieko Ikehata
Japan / 2020 / 0:15:53


2 mothers answer interview questions about their daughters. They took completely opposite actions to their own daughters. That was to relive their own lives over again... In Japan, women are bound to their homes. Discarding their own surnames to become a wife and take over the home. The husband is called the head of the family and the wife is called the one in the home. Although times may change, the oppression of women certainly exists. Freeing their unfulfilled wishes through their daughters. The everlasting stories of these women who keep dreaming.


War of Perception

Bo Choy
Hong Kong / 2020 / 0:19:47


The film follows the journey of a spirit medium through the streets of Hong Kong. In a society where lies and rumours abound, she is on a quest to search for the truth, by collecting messages from the spirits. Weaving through political events that occurred in Hong Kong in 2019/20 with cityscapes, the personal and domestic everyday, War of Perception is a cinematic poetry that reflects on the relationship between the city’s colonial past and present.



My Father’s Naples

Alessia Bottone
Italy / 2020 / 0:20:00


Giuseppe looked out at the horizon as if there was something there that he longed for, as if there was something there that would set him free. As a young girl, his daughter, Alessia (director), had seen him gazing out of the window day after day, always wondering what was there, what held his attention so firmly. Some years later, during a journey back to Naples, her father’s birthplace, Alessia finds herself observing her father once again. Now too, to her eyes Giuseppe is always in profile, and while the landscape slides past beyond the frame of the train’s window, he tries to grasp every moment with his gaze, tries to capture them and save them from the fast-flowing river of time.





Attention at Tension

Azalia Muchransyah
Indonesia / 2020 / 0:08:52


The tension of going through a pandemic shifts my attention and creates anxiety within me. As many questions bubble up in my mind, I reflect what I have been going through by creating a journal entry in the hope of finding answers.