International Festival Signs of the Night - Bangkok


18th International Festival Signs of the Night - Bangkok (6th Edition) - July 23-26, 2020


Sunday July 26th, 202
04.30 pm

Thai Film Archive



The Heavy Burden

Yilmaz Özdil
Turkey / 2019 / 0:17:00


Hosted by his uncle in Turkey, a young Kurd from Syria decides to return to his country to bring back his young donkey to replace his uncle's old donkey recently "retired" by the municipality of the city.



Christopher Boulton
USA / 2020 / 0:10:19


Salvage questions the allure of old objects by reimagining obsolete tools as reliquaries haunted by the souls of disgruntled workers who resent their new jobs. This hybrid intersectional documentary uses magic realism to critique the inequities of gender, ethnicity, and class that underpin consumer capitalism.

To Be, Or...?

Pozsgai Zsolt, Kerekes András
Hungary / 2020 0:13:18


“Let me introduce myself. I am the managing director of the undertaking centre of Székesfehérvár City Maintenance Ltd. By the right of the winners, Fehérvár got the opportunity to host this competition this year. …Dear colleagues! The fourth national grave-digger contest is over. I think we have seen heroic work…We thought, the most beautiful tomb was made by the Omega Funeral Ltd. “


For Your Sake

Ronja Hemm
Germany, Nepal / 0:37:55


Two daughters of a Nepalese Tamang family are preparing to study abroad. Their hopes for a better life are high, but the price is immeasurable. They have to leave behind what is the Tamang people’s greatest good: their family. The sisters seek a conversation with their mother and grandmother, who still live arduous lives following the old tradition.


Absence of Light

Beatrice Aliné
Germany / 2019 / 0:10:00


You can measure the light but you can’t measure the dark. In duality we see one as the opposite of the other. Yet darkness is the absence of light. And an absence is not a measurable thing. It simply does not exist. Light protects us from our fundamental fear of the dark. But remember where there is light, there must be shadow. We live in a technological era where our dependence on energy is greater than ever before. It became an irreplaceable commodity. So one question arises quickly. What's left to do if the sun pulls the plug on you? The answer lies within the perception of the viewer.


Kids Don't Die

Pedro Patricio
USA / 2019 / 0:14:00


A striking short story about a mother in absolute despair who tried to kill herself and her children twice in one day