International Festival Signs of the Night - Bangkok


19th International Festival Signs of the Night - Bangkok (7th Edition) - September 15-19, 2021



Wednesday, September 18h, 2021

Online Screening


No Words

Mariam Al-Dhubhan
Yemen / 2020 / 0:05:00

"No Words' is a lyrical film that laments the poet's loss of words as to what is happening to his beloved city Taiz and the situation in Yemen. It utilizes 360-degree footage to place the audience at the camera's point of view as an observer to what is occurring in the city. The melancholic images beautifully resonate with the mournful words to create a poetic feel surrounding the ongoing conflict.



Ghost Dance For America, 1890

Karl Nussbaum
USA / 2020 / 0:18:30

Ghost Dance for America, 1890 / Karl Nussbaum / USA / 2020 / 0:18:30 "Ghost Dance for America, 1890" is about the birth of America, the violent history of the 1800’s and how it presages today’s political climate in the United States. The Ghost Dance was a religious movement of the Native Americans in response to the U.S. government’s westward expansion and terrorism against them. The Ghost Dance died out in 1890 after the bloody Battle of Wounded Knee.


While Thundering Around

Aleksey Postnov
Russian Federation / 2021 / 00:29:54

Zhang Yu is a flight attendant from China. She comes to Moscow, the city with different culture and different language. She definitely knows that stewardess career is not for her – she is different. But her father, a pilot-instructor, doesn’t want to understand it. He insists that she has to work in airlines, because he thinks It is the best way in her life. The whole world is full of yelling misunderstanding. The only person who can understand Yu is Yan, a photographer, who can hear only with the deaf aid.


Please See Us

Chaweng Chaiyawan
Thailand / 2021 / 0:27:30

Suthit and Nonae a Lahu couple have struggled for their living in order to get a better opportunity in their lives. But the more they tried hard the more they were circle in the circuit of a powerful relationship.


My Friend Andro

Katalina Bakradze
Georgia / 2020 / 0:14:12

22-year-old conservatoire student Andro is filmed by his friend Mariam while performing magic tricks. The audience soon becomes increasingly uneasy as the tricks get more complicated.