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8th International Festival Signes de Nuit - Bangkok - July 23-31, 2022

20th International Festival Signs of the Night - Thailand


The Black Sheep

Vincent Zheng
China / 2021 / 0:34:10

On the grassland in the southeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, a first-rate shepherd at the State-run Sheep Farm, Gyabo and his wife have been worried about his melancholy son Tenzin, but Tenzin grew up with the unexpected black sheep. More than three years passed peacefully. By the fall of 1999, Gyabo hoped to follow the tradition and complete the marriage for his 14-year-old son, Tenzin, and to train him to be his inheritor, as a shepherd, then he received notification from the government, his son must go to school. Tenzin and his black sheep run to their unknown destiny.




The film is a lovely story of a family and a rural life in China and also a superb fable of what it is like to have a ‘black sheep’, literally, in a community. Non-actors’ acting, including that of sheep, adds extra charm to the setting.


The Signs Award honors films, which treat an important subject in an original and convincing way


Valéry Carnoy
France, Belgium / 2021 / 0:18:56

Thirteen-year-old Nathan is about to join Malik and his gang for a strange integration ritual.




In this Valéry Carnoy' s achievement, defying a newly termatization of 'coming-of-age' that besides changing in physically changing in adolescence age, but also leaving afflictions, scars, as a sign of growing up and to become a full member of society, except that all of the above mentioned, are all manually fabricated, by piercing, or hurt themselves, even get shot. Somehow, lessons for socially recruitment, or acceptance of membership to a formed syndicated group totally indifferent to commit violence for crimes.


The Night Award honors films, which are able to balance ambiguity and complexity characterized by enigmatic mysteriousness and subtleness,
which keeps mind and consideration moving

It grew fur again, lost it, developed scales, lost them

Gitte Villesen
Denmark / 2021/ 00:23:40

An audiovisual affinity unfolds in an episodic narrative interspersed with various landscapes and literary references. Creation of languages and abilities to send out signals are conveyed as characteristics of sensitive and fragile constitutions as well as a from of empowering, such as those found in such diverse forms as mimosa or dyslexia.




A new language for the oppressed, music that can overcome hunger, sudden movement of Mimosa, printing of plants, dyslexia patients, Aliens from asexual interbreeding and lakes that appear with time of groundwater all is separated but also connected. All the disjointed stories and images amidst the sound of rain and water. The film uses a newly invented language, to explain what cannot be explained, by pointing out that resisting and challenging conventional societies is possible not by destruction but by rebuilding. Looking at the past, at nature, at marginalized people, and abandoning the old values that dominated society open up to changes. The movie is just a sketch of something that is hard to explain, by leaving the traces of ideas, like traces of plants on printed paper




The Shape Of Mountain

Bocheng Liu
China / 2021 / 0:20:00

In a small village near the border with Vietnam and China. Chen Yu’s old friend helps him leave a nursing home surrounded by mountains. Yu, Who at the end of his life, decides to back to his hometown and sees his grandmother one last time. Then he plans to kill himself in the company of his friend. The combination of old memories and feelings for life makes this journey extraordinary.



A melancholic story about friends who travel to visit a home village of one of them before his physical condition deteriorates. A scenery of misty forest, cave and lake serves as a beautiful backdrop of sentiments of two men who are entering into an unknown territory in life.


It is alway not easy when I try to express a film in a non-mainstream way, especially for a young filmmaker. This affirmation from the jury has strengthened my belief to continue to innovate.


How I Beat Glue and Bronze

Kako sam pobedio lepak i bronzu
Vladimir Vulevic
Serbia, Germany / 2020 / 0:30:00

The daily life of Mihajlo, a factory worker in a neglected industrial town. Testimonies about his life are given by the people around him. At times, these people are seen as part of Mihajlo’s daily routine, but after the character leaves the stage, their voices remain as the narrator. What they don’t know is that Mihajlo obsessively steals tools from the factory and suffers from lost love. And they can’t anticipate what is going to happen one morning.




A man’s life in this film is made up of two things. First is the moving images without sound, naked image of a young man's daily routine. Take care of his neighbors, go to the cemetery, go to work and at night, cry in silence. The other part was the voices from the other, his neighbor, colleagues and relatives. In the end, the audience is engulfed in the unknown . We saw, listened, felt an unnamed melancholia, but we never really understood. So cinema is nothing but gazing through some open windows from afar, just to re-imagined some people’s life from our own experiences.


Radio Freedom

Ismar Vejzovic, Bafl Sarhang
Netherlands / 2021 / 0:19:00

‘RADIO FREEDOM’ tells the story of an idealistic man turned ham radio operator trapped in a besieged town. He finds refuge in an improvised radio station where he reports the war and helps his fellow citizens connect with their loved ones outside the town. His struggle for survival leads him through the war torn town where danger lurks from all sides.



Brutalism style building as main backdrop setting for human drama inside inhumanely situations that recounting and summary a recent historic experience on individual within a brief of time.