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8th International Festival Signes de Nuit - Bangkok - July 23-31, 2022

20th International Festival Signs of the Night - Thailand


Saturday, July 30th, 2022

DOC PUB & CLUB / 15 h


Desert Train

Tommaso Cotronei
Mauritania / 2021 / 0:45:00

Mauritania - The perpetual roar of wagons on rusty tracks that disappear on the horizon of the desert. The bleating of goats suffering from heat and thirst, alongside young people on a journey that dreams of Europe. Freight wagons with Bedouins and strong mint tea. The train, which carries tanks full of water and fuel, together with small improvised traders and young hopefuls fleeing to Europe, cuts through the desert landscape of the infinite horizon of sand. In the mud huts along the tracks, a humble life is lived on the brink of poverty. The water and fuel tank is the fundamental unit of measurement for survival. The train is the main axis of life for Bedouins who catch their breath in the shade of the heat and in the contours of tranquility.


Al Amari, temporary residence

Kristyna Koprivová
Czech Republic / 2021 / 0:42:44

The issue of searching one´s own identity and responsibility through prism of Palestinian refugee camp Al Amari, Ramallah. Al Amari was established after their inhabitants were expelled from their original homes with the promise that the situation is just for a week. This “provisional” has become permanent and has lasted for 70 years. The past has transformed into everyday reality and appears in any aspects of the camp environment. Protagonists Hannan, Jaafar and Shams have their own rituals: how to get out from the camp for a moment and how to deal with their “refugee” identity, also written in their ID´s. People's solidarity in this ghetto built from concrete cubes almost transforms into eternal rubbernecking and uptight rules. It questions why the people are there and why they don´t do anything with their life situation on a personal as well as wider level.