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8th International Festival Signes de Nuit - Bangkok - July 23-31, 2022

20th International Festival Signs of the Night - Thailand


Sunday, July 24th, 2022

Thai Archive / 16,30 h


Train Again

Peter Tscherkassky
Austria / 2021 / 0:20:00

18 years after Kurt Kren produced his third film 3/60 Bäume im Herbst [3/60 Trees in Autumn], he shot his masterpiece 37/78 Tree Again. 18 years after I created my third darkroom film L’Arrivée (an homage to the Lumière brothers and their 1895 L'Arrivée d'un train), I embarked on Train Again. This third film in my “Rushes Series” is an homage to Kurt Kren that simultaneously taps into a classic motif in film history. My darkroom ride took a few years, but we finally arrived: All aboard!




Pierre Villemin
France / 2020 / 0:09:30

From whatever angle you approach it, the present offers no way out. This is not the least of its virtues.




Patrick Dionne, Miki Gingras
Canada / 2021 / 0:18:11

"Yulí" is a journey through the reflections of a young middle-class Colombian; who, influenced by the news media, struggles with her fears and prejudices towards a neighborhood that has a bad reputation.



North Star

Louis J Hock
United States / 2021 / 0:25:59

A metaphorical narrative in which the character is left alone at his post indefinitely to ponder the existential. In his hopefulness he resorts to a mystical exploration.



End of the Universe

Wheeler Winston Dixon
USA / 2021 / 0:05:28

"The end of the universe will be very, very quiet." - Sartre



Shadow Codex

Saara Ekström
Finland / 2021 / 0:12:31

Shadow Codex is a study on the abandoned facilities of Turku County Prison (1835–2007), and documents the layers of messages drawn, scratched and burned on the cell walls. The markings are pathways to the shadow world, to the darkness of an individual’s psyche, and expose a maladjusted underbelly which a society simultaneously both generates and hides. The 8mm film becomes the codex of a collapsed civilization and at the same time evidence of a forbidden zone in the centre of the city. The flow of images is punctuated by John Cage’s (1912–1992) composition “Perilous Night”, which has been described as a journey to the nocturnal side of the soul.



White Light

Manasak Khlongchainan
Thailand / 2021 / 0:09:30

A Spirit are searching the White light, It believe, there is a heaven place waiting. But it face an angel instead.