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9th International Festival Signes de Nuit - Bangkok - July 22-30, 2023

21th International Festival Signs of the Night - Thailand


Saturday, July 29th, 2023

DOC PUB and CLUB / 14.30 h


End of the Road

Ivana Todorovic
Serbia / 2022 / 0:19:00

Željko and Viki sacrifice all they have to ensure a gentle end of life for discarded horses on their small plot of land. End of the Road examines mortality and the need for compassion, empathy and dignity to be extended to all living beings for the entirety of their lives’ journey.


Your Voice Only

Rana Matar
Saudi Arabia / 2023 / 0:13:35

A young Sudanese migrant worker in Saudi Arabia. We accompany him for a day in his life at his work. He herds horses for the rich owners and is far away from his family, his wife. In the evening, he finally has some time to spare and he can call her. His longing meets reality. He asks her: »Will you still remember me in five years? Will we manage to stay together that long, even if we are separated? In his life, the life of many migrant workers is mirrored.




Siddhant Sarin, Debankon S. Solanky
India / 2022 / 1:10:00

A momentary act of revenge transformed the lives of two young Indian women forever. After surviving an acid attack, while carrying scars of human brutality on their face, both Ritu and Faraha learn to redefine their lives through a sea of odd currents daily. Strangely enough, Ritu’s scars also brought her some fame, she occasionally finds herself talking on television, modelling at fashion events, or featuring in a Bollywood film… still, she often feels lonely. She wants to be loved and embraces an ambiguous relationship with a fellow female acid attack survivor. On the other hand, Faraha has come to terms with her post-attack singlehood and her new lease of life. As she begins to enjoy the freedom and independence, a desire to become a mother slowly brews within her. By intertwining the shadows and lights, and hope and hopelessness in Ritu and Faraha’s life, Ayena becomes a mirror where we can also see our own reflections.