International Festival Signs of the Night - Bangkok lnternational Festival Signes de Nuit - Bangkok


9th International Festival Signes de Nuit - Bangkok - July 22-30, 2023

21th International Festival Signs of the Night - Thailand


Saturday, July 30th, 2023

DOC PUB and CLUB / 18.30 h



Vanessa Nica Mueller
Germany / 2023 / 1:04:30

An essay about Lebanon (mainly) and Germany (also), about coastlines and plants like the marsh samphire, the milk thistle, the angel trumpet or the crimson bottlebrush. About adaptation and transformation as well as resistance, about changes desired and dreaded, the city of Beirut and its unexpected revelations, modernism and time passing by, and, of course, the hopes and fears of its inhabitants, many of whom sense that their future might wait for them across the sea, even if they don’t want to leave. LANDEN follows its protagonist on her botanical journey from the german Wadden sea shoreline to the coast of Lebanon. As she collects plants, she witnesses the consequences of Lebanon´s economic collapse and the disturbing decay. The flora become her only constant navigation. Along fragile ecosystems she loses herself between modernist architecture in Tripoli or at the banks of the Beirut River to find some hope for a future after the fall.



Eryk Rocha
Brazil / 2021 / 1:04:14

Living on the edge of Transbrasiliana highway in the Brazilian Amazon, Edna is a witness of a land in ruins built upon massacres. Raised only by her mother, she experiences in her body and hers descendants, the marks of a "war that never ends" - a war for land. Through her reports and writings, the movie builds an hybrid narrative that moves between reality and imaginary. Everything's woven from Edna's memory and her diary entitled "Story of My Life".