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Program 1, Saturday, June 29, 1 pm, Thai Film Archive




Catching Fire (Prendre feu) / Michel Soyez / Frankreich / 2019 / 0:26:00

In an isolated village, two brothers try to ease the suffering and anger of their friend, Lou. But violence still seems to carry on inside homes. Driven by rage, Lou burns whatever he touches in his fury... Nature heaves, along with their pounding hearts.


Into Thin Air (Volverse aire) / Cristina Motta / Argentina / 2018 / 00:15:00

Maria disappeared in 2011, Laura in 1978 and Ema in 1875. They all share a common destiny: they all vanished into air. In a recurrence close to a habit, every one of the last three centuries expresses a singular path to women’s existence.


The Chairs (Oturacaqlar) / Orkhan Aghazadeh / Azerbaijan / United Kingdom / 2018 / 00:19:50

Kerim and Rena were in love, but had to marry other people. Despite the passing of time, their love is now prohibited and dangerous in the society they live in. The only secret way of expressing their love is through lights flashing in the darkness of night.


Realms (Valtakunnat) / Patrik Söderlund / Finland / 2019 / 0:20:28

A voyage through time, evolution and the kingdoms of life towards the natural destruction wrought upon the planet by the human species. Exploring geological epochs and kingdoms of life, Realms voyages through deep time from the primeval ocean to a post-human future. The film employs visual storytelling, seeking to replace the anthropocentric worldview with greater attention to the complex interrelationships and dependencies between organisms, and between animate and inanimate nature.


Her (Ajo) / More Raça / Kosovo / 2018 / 00:12:00

To escape an early marriage organized by his father, an extremely religious person, Zana must make a courageous decision. Will escape, but not alone.