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Program 5, Sunday, June 30, 3 pm, Thai Film Archive




Eternity / Anna Sobolevksa / Ukraine / 2018 / 0:22:49

Once upon a time in the nearest future humanity overcome the death by digitizing the human's souls. So, we will be granted with Eternity. But what happened if Eternity faced with Love?


Viral Kids / Arjanmar Rebeta / Phillipines / 2019 / 0:18:08

Viral Kids is about the trending stories of five different street children who have their own past and dreams but being hindered and utilized by an unknown force behind the online scheme.


The Ocarina / Maria Inés Jijuan / France, Costa Rica / 2017 / 0:11:40

A tribute to indigenous wisdom and a contrast to our modern life, in which we often leave out the essential things. A little girl runs away from her dysfunctional family and meets an indigenous woman who sells ocarinas.


Codrina's Trace / Robert Lawrence / Romania / 2018 / 0:23:00

25 years after the revolution Radu returns to Romania. This is a story about what it takes to make you go back to what you left, about what you find when you get there, and about how that changes you, and how that changes the past. When there is nowhere else to go, that’s when you go back.


Broken Flowers / Grace Hsia / China, Latvia / 2019 / Fiction / 00:06:00

10 year old Duo Er is reluctant to attend her violin lessons. Her mother however tries to encourage her to continue. But Duo Er carries a secret she can not share.


Dawn / Jorn Threlfall / Great Britain / 2018 / 0:14:37

"New Mexico, July 1945. The paths of an old farmer and a young Navajo boy cross. The world will never be the same after this night.