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Program 2, Tuesday June 25 / 7 pm / DOC CLUB THEATER





VR / Manasak Khlngchainan / Thailand / 2018 / 0:19:26

A young man who want to escape from the reality with his drug. After 4-5 years passed, many events claim me to recall a history of Thai society again, include a social structure which participates with government and also reflecting of political struggle for a long time. So, I decided to rearrange a trace of political events which that I try to portray a lot of images in Thai society as many as I can remember. In terms of a style of this work, It’s happened after I realize that I always forgot a moment more time, maybe I get older every day. But I try to rediscover an outside society,Include I have a question what is something wrong or what is something can make us to forget. Somehow, I can see something clearly that is “an avoidance the truth” and each person has a different way to avoiding for themselves. Meanwhile, we can access a lot of information for now, but we can leave it as fast as we can. This might bring us into path of hyperreality. ASIA PRE


Yantra / Cedric Arnold / Thailand / 2018 / 0:09:50

For centuries, Thai people have believed in the power of talismanic tattoos. The tradition was passed down by generations of tattoo masters, who create the designs, and empower them with prayers. Each year devotees pay respects to their tattoo masters at the “Wai Khru” (master day) ceremony. The devotees often enter a state of trance known as “Khong Khuen” (animal spirit possession) when they are “possessed” by the spirit of their tattoos. This film is designed as an immersive dive into the altered state the entranced devotees find themselves in.


Profession Documentarist / Shirin Barghnavard, Firouzeh Khosrovani, Farahnaz Sharin, Mina Keshavarz, Sepideh Abtahi, Sahar Salahshoor, Nahid Rezaei / Iran / 2014 / 1:20:00

In the situation of political, social and economic crisis of post 2009 election in Iran, seven independent woman documentary film makers talk about their personal and professional lives, concerns and challenges in a seven- part autobiographic film. Facing the increasing social, political pressures and a crackdown on speech freedom after Iran’s 2009 Presidential Election, seven woman- documentary film makers, in her late 20’s and early 50’s, talk about their personal and professional lives and their challenges. Shirin worries about a prospective war and thinks about how she would respond the situation. Firouzeh, after the arrest of her filmmaker colleagues from home, panics and starts to quickly gather her things with this fear that her house might be the next target. Even though singing for women is banned in Iran, Farahnaz is determined to make a film on her favorite woman singer’s life. Mina, watching the new wave of emigration, indecisive about her own prospective migration, wonders how her final decision affects her life. Sepideh, not willing to forget, hold onto strands of memory through some childhood footage in her camera. Sahar moves out of a house whose window opens to the biggest prison of her country. Nahid searches for another ways of living in order to go through the crisis period and not lose hope and happiness. This movie could be a social reaction to the status quo. Will this effort be a new way of professional survival for this group?