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Program 5, Friday June 28 / 7 pm / DOC CLUB THEATER

Focus Kiri Dalena (Philippines)
followed by a meeting and dialog with the film maker





Mag-uuma (Farmer) / Kiri Dalena / Philippines / 2014 / 0:02:06

A peasant girl sings a haunting ballad that was taught by her mother in Northern Mindanao, a region of vast commercial plantations and mineral reserves.


Life Mask (Peasant Leader)/ Kiri Dalena / Philippines / 2018 / 0:01:07

Life Masks is part of an ongoing series of photographic works and video portraits of political activists and artists taken in their private homes or places of asylum/sanctuary. The works involve mutual trust between the artist and subjects, with their faces covered by plaster masks so as to maintain anonymity.


Red Saga / Kiri Dalena / Philippines / 2004 / 0:15:32

Flags dot the rice fields and are brandished throughout the landscape and metropolis. A transformation takes place. The film is a poetic take on the peasant struggle and the protracted people's war in the Philippine countryside.


Erased Slogans / Kiri Dalena / 2008 / 0:01:00

Digitally-manipulated scanned photographs documenting the numerous demonstrations under then Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos who declared Martial Law in 1972 and held power for over two decades. Deleting all the text written in the placards, the work encapsulates the magnitude of the suppression and silencing during that period.


Tungkung Langit (Lullabye for a Storm) /Kiri Dalena / Philippines / 2013 / 0:20:35

Two children survive a devastating hurricane that washed out entire homes and families to nearby rivers and a far-away sea. Little by little, the siblings try to come to terms with the tragedy. Tungkung Langit is a glimpse into the persisting sense of wonder of children in the midst of loss and horror.


Recent Slogans / Kiri Dalena / 2014 / 0:00:44

"Recent Slogans" features a lightening rally commemorating an anniversary of the Philippine National Democratic Front of the New People's Army. The slogans are digitally erased, enhancing attention on the red flags, clenched fists and arms raising placards, which are both immediate and familiar.


Requiem for M / Kiri Dalena / Philippines / 2010 / 0:06:53

Drawn from the aftermath of the Maguindanao massacre in which multiple journalists were killed, Requiem for M captures scenes from the funerals and the site of the massacre. The footage is played in reverse, in a wistful yearning to turn back time and undo the tragedy that has occurred.


In Our Own Image / Kiri Dalena / Philippines / 2015 / 0:00:30

Flames, placards and rallies mark discontent in the Philippines during martial law under President Ferdinand Marcos. Using archival footage, Dalena digitally removes the texts on the signages, recalling the attempts at censorship at this time. This is part of the artist’s continued engagement on erasure and history.


Gikan sa Ngitngit nga Kinailadman (From the Dark Depths) / Kiri Dalena / Philippines / 2017 0:23::04

A woman mourns the drowning of a young communist revolutionary that took place years ago. She sinks into herself and recreates a story that coalesces memory, delirium, and forgetting.