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Saturday, June 22th, 2019
1 pm





To the Living
À l'usage des vivants
Pauline Fonsny
Belgium / 2019 / 0:26:40

In 1998, Semira Adamu, a 20 year-old, so-called “illegal”, Nigerian immigrant on Belgian soil, was smothered to death by a police cushion as they attempted to evict her. 20 years later, in a combined female war cry, two women tell her story. Through their tales, they highlight the reality of detention centers intended for migrant people, the conditions of such imprisonment, the suffering of detainees, the abuse of guards and policemen.


Rubén Guzmán
Argentina / 2018 / 0:25:30

Amelina "Coca" San Martín grew up in a remote Patagonian location inside the volcanic caldera of an extinct supervolcano, rich in archaeological and paleontological remains. Her humble life passes by amidst her world-famous archaeological collection, her cats, her fish and her beloved "choikes" (rheas).


Facade Colour: Blue
Oleksij Radynski
Ukraine / 2019 / 0:22:00

Florian Yuriev is an architect, musician, painter, violin maker, and theorist. Now aged 89, he is compelled to master one more occupation – that of an urban activist. When his architectural opus magnum is threatened by destruction, he stages a fight against the corrupt forces of big capital. This submission contains a cut without color grading and sound mix. Those are forthcoming in March 2019.


The Future of Iraq
Thee Yezen Al Obaide, Mats Muri
Norway / 2018 / 0:28:00

One in six children today are living in war zones, and in this film we meet three of them. The Future of Iraq is a poetic documentary about the future generation of Iraq facing their future while trying to cope with their war experiences.