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Saturday, June 22th, 2019
3 pm





We Waited Until Nightfall
Esperábamos a que anocheciera
Zouain Muñiz
Domenica Republic / 2019 / 0:17:00

We waited until nightfall revisits repurposed cinemas through hunting images and sounds that trace the practices of belonging still embodied in the theaters’ remains.


Almost Nothing
Anna De Manincor / Zimmerfrei
Italy, France, Belgium / 2018 / 1:17:00

When we think about science often we focus on the big discoveries: the Higgs Boson! Gravitational waves! Sometimes maybe we forget about what happens in between: there’s a bunch of people doing the systematic work. At the border between Switzerland and France there's a citadel called CERN, a global community of thousands of people working together towards a common objective. How can they work for years - sometimes decades - as a unique and enormous brainpower? What are they looking for ?