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Program 1, Monday June 24 / 6 pm / Goethe Institut Bangkok




82 Square Meters (82 Quadratmeter) / Dominik Hafenmaier, Elena Schilling / Germany / 2018 / 0:30:00

Three rooms, 82 square meters, a bright yet old apartment in East Stuttgart. The broker Lúcia Delgado dos Santos would like to take a closer look at the three applicant parties: The divorced young Karl Zumbrock and his son Linus are looking for a new home where the father can also pursue his new coaching business. The young couple Fiona and Marie have already been looking for a long time too and suspect discrimination as a reason for all previous cancellations. And the single Hilde is looking for more space to spend her illness-related early retirement under better conditions. We accompanied these people during the visit of this apartment. Who will be able to convince the broker?


The Sea Runs Thru My Veins / Zara Zandieh / Germany / 2018 / 00:20:48

The viewer follows the hero in a ruined dead world as he searches for a certain something. After battles with strange monsters he finally finds the desired object, which leads to a surprising outcome.


Position Reports (Kursmeldungen) / Rainer Kommerz / Deutschland / 2017 / 0:30:00

A whistling fence, tamed landscape: people, couples, animals, plants, machines, moving and waiting. Water, fire, earth, wind, the stars. A white dog bites hard straw, the white machine eats soft chalk. Pilots coming and going, a screaming roller coaster, fugue by Bach, fingers writing into the water: "We are alone." "Kursmeldungen - Position Reports" is an essayistic journey through close-to-nature coastlines and places, which are shaped by both closeness to the earth and cosmopolitism, and their response to a world moved by antagonistic tempos. Northern Germany’s coastal landscapes juxtapose industrial and urban aesthetics in relation to man and nature in this expansive, cinematic film. Position Reports conveys, in a very sensory way, just how differently »time« is lived and experienced across all forms of life.


Farta / Silvia Cannarozzi / Germany / 2018 / 00:10:09

Theresa is a single mother and she has documented all of her daughter Marta's childhood on social media. When Marta becomes a teenager, she will face the dark consequences of her mother's actions.