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Program 9, Friday June 28 / 6 pm / Goethe Institut Bangkok




Among People (Unter Menschen / Mersiha Husagic / Germany / 0:19:00

After a brutal mugging in a wealthy Hamburg neighborhood, a nearby refugee camp is quickly blamed for hosting the perpetrators. But Zarah, a local teacher who knows the refugees, doesn’t buy it. Who committed the crime and how does the suspect’s nationality influence our thinking?


Whose Hand Was it? / Minze Tummescheit, Sara Lehn, Arne Hector / Germany / 2019 / 0:03:00

A detached human hand found after a bomb attack takes us into the abyss of the German intelligence apparatus. The film asks where to look for the roots of intelligence officers’ amnesia and the destruction of records in the course of the NSU investigations.


Touch me (Was bleibt) / Eileen Byrne / Germany / 2018 / 0:20:00

Alice has cancer. She has already lost one breast. And now her hair starts to fall out. What else will the disease take away from her? Moritz, her boyfriend, is as overwhelmed by the situation as she is. The fear of losing each other makes them almost forget the one thing they can still hang on to: their love ... for each other and for themselves. Eileen Byrne


Verspätet / Anoush Masoudi / Germany / 2018 / 0:07:00

A young Iranian man meets a young Afghan man at a train station. Oblivious to their respective nationality, they start talking with each other after sharing a song. And thus, they overcome the conflicts that plague their homes and they quickly learn that they share one mutual feeling – loneliness in a foreign country. A native joins the two men and, without saying or understanding a word, shares his beer with them. As the young foreign men depart from the station, the native man is left behind. He, too, shares their loneliness, because loneliness knows no home.


In Dog Years I'm Dead / Kenji Ouellet / Germany / 2018 / 0:13:11

Young ballet dancers - not necessarily the typical poster children of ballet school - comment their training with quotes from known personalities ranging from Kim Kardashian or Therese of Avila to Mikhail Baryschnikov. Taking the body politics and the fate of children in ballet as a starting point, the film raises issues going beyond the dance world.


Garden of Others / Pascal Sangl / Germany / 2018 / 00:16:49

GARDEN OF OTHERS is a powerful dance short film with a strong viewpoint on how intimacy has changed in our relationships following the rise of dating apps. We are merely functioning bodies, often without real desire to connect with someone. We need to wake up!-> Stop swiping, start dancing.


Jupiter / Benjamin Pfohl / Germany / 2019 / 0:14:00

Comet Calypso is about to pass Earth at a threatening distance. A teenage girl is travelling with her family to a cabin in the Alps, where she has to decide whether to pursue her own path on Earth or to follow her parents, members of a cosmic cult, through a fatal procedure into a higher existence.