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Program 4, Tuesday June 25 / 8 pm / Goethe Institut Bangkok




The Symphony of Uncertainty (Die Symphonie der Ungewissheit) / Claudia Lehmann / Germany / 2018 / 1:35:00

The German Electron Synchrotron in Hamburg, DESY for short, is home to some of the largest particle accelerators in the world and, as an international research centre, is already a world of its own. This is where elementary particles clash. This is also where filmmaker Claudia Lehmann lets her former doctoral supervisor, physics professor Gerhard Mack, clash with other scientists (including his own doctoral supervisor) as well as with a shaman, his partner or filmmaker Hark Bohm. They all confront him with questions about our very existence – and world views collide. With the theory of complex systems, Gerhard has always tried to understand life in an interdisciplinary way, and so he is now trying to find a language that goes beyond the boundaries of mathematics and physics. Language is also the subject of the music composer Konrad Hempel and his ensemble create on the scene. He uses the sounds of the accelerators as well as those of the coffee cups to create the soundtrack to this world in which everyone tries to find the meaning of life.