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Program 7, Thursday June 27 / 6 pm / Goethe Institut Bangkok




Occupied Summer / Berit Toepfer / Germany / 2017 / 00:25:16

Arne and Elias drive to Italy to see Elias' inheritance, a house that has been abandoned for years. Upon their arrival they encounter Zahra. After spending a night together, Elias and Zarah have to face the tension beneath the surface of their relationship.


Pamparios / Florian Seufert / Germany / 2018 / 1:21:30

In his improvised feature PAMPARIOS director Florian Seufert creates a fictitious version of himself. His Alter Ego uses an actual family party in the German countryisde for a silent farewell. He wants to build a new life in the high mountains of Jalisco, México living with the indigenous Huicholes. Here, they use the blood of animals to ask for a fertile land. At night Shamans connect with the hidden realms of ghosts and their ancestors. The circle of life and death is a natural part of daily life and Florian becomes more and more estranged from his old self. Can there be change beyond the sense of self realization, beyond his own roots? A tale from the animal world hints at the chance for a real transformation.