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Program 10, Friday June 28 / 8 pm / Goethe Institut Bangkok




We Are Data / Moritz Mueller-Preisser / Germany / 2018 / 00:21:20

Our world is turning digital. Who we are is a matter of data. A young man runs from the mainstream internet and meets his digital self.


Silent Cells / Mohamed Nabil / Maroc, Germany / 2017 | 01:05:00

What happens with women in Moroccan prisons? Walls of concrete and silence are hiding a taboo, which is difficult to remove. The director Mohamed Nabil did everything to tell the story of Moroccan women's prison. After many difficulties and two years of waiting for a filming permit, he and his team were finally able to enter this secret world. In this inspiring and moving documentary, the protagonists are not only defined by their crimes, but tell the truth seen through their eyes. Interviews with former female prisoners unveil the unspeakable. The film raises provocative questions about the prison system and society in Morocco and offers remarkable pictures of inmates and prison staff.