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Program 6, Wednesday June 26 / 8 pm / Goethe Institut Bangkok






Am Cu Ce / Hannah Weissenborn / Germany / 2018 / 00:19:17

Romanian trucker Stancu has given his nephew Dragan a second driver card that enables him to stretch his legal driving time. But when Dragan almost causes an accident due to microsleep at the wheel, Stancu feels responsible.


In Search / Beryl Magoko / Germany / 2018 / 1:30:00

A journey to womanhood… As a young girl growing up in a rural village in Kenya, Beryl thought that all women in the world have to be ‘circumcised’ by going through Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting at a young age. Therefore, she went through the ritual at a tender age, as a rite of passage. Little did she know about the effects of he mutilation.