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Program 3, Tuesday June 25 / 6 pm / Goethe Institut Bangkok




I Signed the Petition / Mahdi Fleifel / Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain / 2018 / 00:10:00

A conversation between two friends about the effectiveness and implications of publicly stating support for the cultural boycott of Israel. One friend is wracked with worry having signed a petition asking Radiohead not to play Tel Aviv, the other is more sanguine. Through their conversation we catch a glimpse of what it is to be a Palestinian in today’s world.


Roh und Gekocht / Rainer Binz / Germany / 2018 / 00:11:05

The G20 summit held in Hamburg provided the opportunity for this film. A single Super 8 film of 3 minutes and field audio recordings were edited in an essayistic way and shift between documentation and abstraction.


Find Fix Finish / Mila Zhluktenko / Sylvain Cruiziat / Gemany / 2017 / 0:19:00

"In Afghanistan, I saw a couple making love on a roof”: we know very little of the day-to-day work of the pilots carrying out “targeted assassinations” with military drones. Three Americans talk about their experience, which is paradoxically one of intimacy and cruelty, over aerial images.


Abdrift / Gian Suhner / Germany / 2018 / 00:19:00

The captain of a container ship returns home to northern Germany after his latest trip. While his family and friends try to include him in the rituals of everyday life, the captain cannot forget a decision he made during a storm 100 kilometers south of Malta.


My Border's Joy fence / Michael Kranz / Germany / 2019 0:02:00

No more need to subject yourself to poor or foreign people in public: myBorder’s joyFence, your personal border wall, finally offers protection – mobile and easy to handle for daily use. The product the world was waiting for!


Crossing Borders / Abini Gold / Germany / 2018 / 00:29:59

Toni is now together with Samir, but she is keeping it a secret from her father, Theo. He would never allow her to be with a Syrian. When Samir and Theo clash, she concocts a story and must risk everything not to lose them both.


Nach grauen Tagen / Janne Hansberg / Germany 0:04:00

A film inspired by the poem "After Grey Days" by the famous female poet Ingeborg Bachmann. The young filmmaker Janne Hansberg translates the feelings of a young girl in her hometown Jena (Germany) with this poem into moving images.


Mars Closer / Annelie Boros , Vera Maria Brückner / Germany / 2015 / 0:16

In 2024 a private organisation plans to send humans to Mars. Paul Leeming and Pauls Irbins are shortlisted candidates for the first human settlement on Mars. Theirs is a one-way trip. They will leave behind everything they have known. “We have made our peace with the fact that we are not coming back. We are real, true pioneers. The first ever people on another planet. We are now interplanetary”.